Cuisine Queen Alyssa Dawson is a food writer who knows her way around the kitchen. She has a wonderful web site which reviews everything to do with food.
I met with Alyssa last summer and we discussed the merits of having a good solid stand for all tablets in the kitchen. She agreed to try out our ChillTab 2 Universal Tablet Stand in her kitchen, which turned into a great blog about the ChillTab in the KItchen.
“The ChillTab is a universal stand for tablets, with or without a case, positioned vertically or horizontally. The all-black model, pictured above, is durable with a metal frame, quite sleek, and is slim so as to take up as little room as possible. The “arms” have a foam-like layer to prevent scratches, and the base of the stand has a rubber material to keep the stand steady even on slippery surfaces.”
Please take a look at Alyssa’s review of the ChillTab 2 tablet stand

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