This September, ChillBed Industries will be giving away 2 ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stands.
School is starting, the kids are back at it, and we figured why not giveaway some of our great cooling stands to help soften the Back to School Blues.

Simply leave a comment and let us know why you need to keep you and your Laptop or MacBook cool this fall.

First draw will be September 15th and the last September 30th.
One entry per person.
Chillbed Silver

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  1. I use my laptop for long periods of time and it definitely overheats. A laptop cooling stand is what I need!

  2. I need to keep my laptop cool because it’s always running hot, I always have to put it down after a few mintues, it’s too hot, too quick!

  3. I need one of these because my laptop gets really hot when I use it for long periods of time. I have to put something under it so it doesn’t burn my lap!

  4. I work from my laptop 6 to 8 hours a day, it is always getting too hot, this stand sounds like a great way to help me keep it cool! :D

  5. My laptop gets really hot and will turn off suddenly due to heat! I have a chill bed at work and this problem doesn’t happen. I need a chill bed at home. Quick!

  6. Oops, I posted in the wrong place. Posted in the post announcing Alicia as winner. Sorry.

    I need a Chill Bed Laptop Cooling Stand because my lap is getting burned without one.

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