Tris Hussey of iPhoneHacks write a mean review.

I met Tris a few years back when he was blogging for Future Shop, about the same time the original ChillTab Universal Tablet Stand was released.  This past weekend, he reviewed for our latest tablet stand, the ChillTab 4, and I must say, it’s probably one of the best reviews to date.

“Look, there is nothing fancy about Adam’s stands and that, frankly, is the beauty of them. Sure there are the usual touches of padding in the right places, non-slip feet, and covers on the edges, but really what works is that Adam designed the form to follow the function.”

Tris is now writing for iPhoneHacks, another great site, so please take a look at the full review and find out how the ChillTab 4 can be your best option for a flexible, well made and designed tablet stand.


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