Every now and then we like to post some of the emails and communication we receive from our customers.

Here is an email from one of our recent customers who was eagerly awaiting for their ChillBed laptop cooling stand to arrive.

Received the stand in good order late yesterday afternoon. It seems the postal code on the packaging was somehow partly ripped off by what looks like a sticker being placed over it then removed. The rest of the address was fully intact, not sure how they couldn’t figure out how to complete the postal code. Not like there are 2 or 3 Wortley Roads in London Ontario. I think it came down to lazy employees.

Regardless, I’m a VERY pleased with the stand so far! ūüôā ¬†First time since I’ve had my 15″ Macbook Pro that I’ve been able to enjoy it for longer periods on the couch and even in bed without slow cooking my lap and having the fans kick on 5min in. lol. ¬†Looks great too. ¬†Love, love, LOVE how simple yet effective it is. ¬†Best stand we’ve found so far. I’ll be sure to drop a positive review and referrals to my friends and affiliates.. Not just for the stand but also for your wonderful attention and concern. Fantastic product, outstanding customer service. Many thanks.
Now, just to turn the wife on to getting a the 2nd one for our other machine. Ttys.
Best regards


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