Happy 2103 from ChillBed Industries!

Let’s start the year off right by giving away a few of our most popular stands!

First off, let’s giveaway The Limited Edition ChillBed in White.  In addition, this ChillBed laptop cooling stand is lazer engraved with our NEW logo. Wow!

We are continually trying out new colors and this creamy white ChillBed looks outstanding. There are only 2 of these on the planet.

Contest rules are simple,  scroll down and leave us a comment to the question below, like our facebook page or follow us on twitter.  Let’s get creative people…”yes, I want to win one,”  isn’t going to cut it here.  We are seeking creative responses to our question, and we would like to encourage you to be honest and have some fun with it.

Here’s the Prize…a 13″ Powder Coated-Lazer Engraved, ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stand in White!

Here’s the question…

Do you think it’s important to keep your laptop running cool and do you care? Or if that’s too much, why do you think you could use a ChillBed?

3 ways to enter…1) leave a comment below 2) Like our Facebook Page 3) Follow us on twitter.

Enjoy…first draw will be February 20th.






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  1. The ChillBed looks light weight & cool. I have a ridiculous set up using a cheese board to keep my old MacBook from over heating. The fan comes on still.

    1. Hi Ronnan Z,

      The Chillbed will really help a MacBook run cool. It’s the number one coling product we sell to our customer. We typically but 20 at a time to stock in our store. On top of the ChillBed I sugest getting new thermal paste as well. That will help you MacBook run like a million dollars with no more fan noise. If your in the Vancouver/surrey area of BC, we offer thermal paste replacment for $45 dollars. Most customers with older machines complement how quite they are after the new thermal paste is installed and a new Chillbed is used! http://Www.macisus,ca if interested! 🙂
      Happy cool comouting!

  2. Where to begin? I have tried to be actively supportive of this great product since the day I saw it! I’ve personally owned over 8 of them! from the ChillTab to the Chillbed (netbook size, 13′, 15′, and 17′) I have them all. When I get a new computer I dont take it out of the box until I have its chillbed AND a keyboard protector. One of the greatest Canadian inovations for computers in the last 10 years with out a doubt! I would love a white Chillbed for my 17″ Macbook pro if possible! Thanks again for such an amazing product!

  3. I so need one of these – I write a daily blog for social media every evening and if I want to catch up with my wife I write with my macbook burning my legs.
    Need some chill time 🙂

  4. I do think it is very important for my laptop to not run hot, I get very scared when it gets warm. I’m always trying to find ways to cool it off!

    fb – ann lyfe
    twitter – stephcoupnsxx

  5. My friend has a black one of his own and I would love to win one for myself. While my current laptop battery has died, I plan on buying a new laptop and would like something that will keep my laptop cool and my battery lasting longer! 😀

  6. Gave away a load of them a couple of Xmas’ ago and had friends at work purchase some as well for themselves and family members. Would love to have the white one for me!! Love the way it can protect my Mac in my carrying case as well. Very smart design!!

  7. Since I’m awake writing papers or working on projects well past midnight, I’m using my laptop whilst in bed…on top of the duvet…ack! Not good, running hot! Constantly devising ways to create air between the ‘puter and the duvet! Stacking pillows doesn’t really cut it. A Chillbed would be sweet!

  8. I could really use one of these! My work portable computer has been wheezing and I took two rubber bouncy balls and cut them in half to give the machine some “breathing room” and it has helped, but not like this will!

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