Earlier this year, ChillBed Industies Ltd. unveiled our newest tablet stand – The ChillTab 4 Universal Tablet Stand.

We have been enjoying the great reviews from our customers as well as the tech review community.

The ChillTab 4 works in all 4 positions.

Reclined position:

If you enjoy a typing style slope, the reclined position is for you. You can position your tablet either horizontal or vertical, which ever you prefer. Type away, or play games…you could even use while giving a presentation and reading off your tablet. Your cover might fall over, the ChillTab 4 won’t.

Upright mode:

Place any tablet in the Upright Position and it becomes a second screen for movies, videos, video conferencing, playing games, or maybe just a slideshow of your photos and enjoy. It will accept any tablet in either the Horizontal or Vertical Positions, depending on your preference.


  • The ChillTab 4  is great for viewing movies or reading the blogs.
  • Cased or covered tablets fit easily on the ChillTab 4.
  • Non slip rubber feet keep the ChillTab 4 secure.
  • Great for video conferencing and in the kitchen.
  • It’s Universal, so all Tablets will fit comfortably.

The ChillTab 4 is available at select locations, as well as our online store.



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