Here is another post regarding Hot Laptop Syndrome. As computers get faster, they seem to get hotter!

Just like every laptop before it, the new Retina MacBook Pro before apparently gets pretty warm exactly where you would expect it to. Thermal imaging from a Japanese site has revealed that at maximum settings, parts of the Retina MacBook Pro approaches 48.2° Celsius.

Now for some sanity. The harder you push your laptop, any laptop for that matter, the warmer it’s going to get. My last MacBook Pro (2010), which I recently retired, left my legs red when I would edit video with the machine resting on my lap. I didn’t last long, and started editing video directly on my desk. Not exactly rocket science. Don’t want to burn your balls? Stop pushing your laptop so hard while it’s resting on your legs. You won’t see this kind of temperature peak with normal, every day usage.

If you would like to read the full article, please click on, if you are suffering from Hot Laptop Syndrome, we recommend a ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stand, it’s like an insurance policy for your laptop. Replace your stand, not your hard drive.

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