ChillTab tablet stand

We at ChillBed Industries frequently get emails from our customers who like to share or comment on laptop and tablet stands.
So every now an again a compliment comes up that we would like to share…

Hi Adam!
Returned from Montreal yesterday.
Just catching up.
My ChillTab arrived exactly as described, and its heft and quality and feel was as hoped for.
I showed it off to a few of my friends and was immediately asked for ordering information.
That said, I gladly give you my permission to use my words as well as my name in connection with the ChillTab.
It is a well designed and constructed product and, in my view of substantially better quality than other products available from offshore vendors.

Proof once again, that it pays to deal with Canadian suppliers with products made in Canada.
Thanks, again, for your excellent service.

“Super Happy” Mike Walter

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