Cam not only fixes, sells and repairs computers, he has been taking them apart and rebuilding them for decades. He runs a computer shop in Surrey, B.C. and I would recommend talking with them before you purchase/repair or buy any computer or tablet.

“My wife and I work on computers for a living so we come across different products all the time. One of the most common issues with computers is that they overheat. People love to use their computers on their lap or on their bed and that is one of the worst things for computers. Out of all the laptop cooling trays I’ve seen, I have yet to see one that works as well as a Chillbed.

I came across my first Chillbed 3 years ago and I was amazed how great it works. Since it is made from aluminum, it dispenses heat and it keeps my laptop running at a much lower temperature. Even with gaming it will keep it at a very reasonable temperatures. This is unlike the plastic cooling trays that work good at first, but they hold in the heat while the Chillbed pulls the heat out and dissipates it into the air, therefore, keeping the laptop cooler. I can’t imagine using anything else. I’ve used it on machines that have been over heating and once I’ve put a Chillbed under it, it has cut the running temperature down dramatically. I still use it today, and make a point of recommending them to everyone I know because I’m so impressed with it. I’ve had positive feedback from people who have used them as well.

Another thing I love about Chillbeds is that they are great to travel with. You just put them on top of your computer’s LCD and it protects it from breaking during your travels. I don’t travel without a Chillbed over my laptop. Getting an LCD replaced on a laptop is very costly so I’ve made sure to tell people to use it while travelling. For most people, their computer is their life and the fact that Chillbeds have multi-purposes, definitely makes the low price worthwhile.”


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