Welcome Spring!
ChillBed Industries is celebrating by giving away 2 of our NEW custom coloured, ‘Cool Blue’ ChillBed Stands.
This colour is only around for a limited time, so contact adam@chillbeds dot com to order yours or check stock.

ChillBed laptop cooling stands are a great way to keep your MacBook or PC cool as the hot weather approaches.

Entering is easy. Simply leave a comment below and tell us why you would love to win one of our NEW Cool Blue ChillBeds.
Maybe you have experienced HLS, Hot Laptop Syndrome, so tell us why you want to STAY COOL!

For added entries, follow @ChillBeds on twitter and Like ChillBed Industries on FaceBook.
We will be giving away 2 of these babies. One on June 1st and the other June 15th.
Thanks for playing and good luck!

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  1. I’ve heard these things are great! I’d love to try one out for my ipad for when I’m watching movies

  2. I would love to win this because I have a old MacBook from 2008 and it is always gettin hot and I am afraid it will over heat on me and die. I need to get through this summer with it before I can buy a new one. So, this would help keep my computer alive this summer.

  3. I definitely suffer from HOT Laptop Syndrome and this product sounds wonderful. I am following you on twitter @Monnie311 thank you for the entries

  4. I have a friend who has a man cave and fortunately and unfortunately he is a massive Maple Leaf’s fan. In his man cave he has a huge collection of Leaf collectables and memorabilia. One of these would be a perfect gift. He bleeds blue!!

  5. I run a buisness refurbishing and repairing computers. What do windows and apple computers have in common? They both need to run cool. What is the cheapest, best looking, and most effective way to do that? Get a ChillBed! They work wonders on ALL laptops and the ChillTab is my favorite stand for the iPad. I’ve tried a lot of them but I have 4 Chilltabs in the house for my iPad in different rooms. It’s a must for the tv room (tv guide app) and a must in the kitchen (cook book apps). When ever someone buys a laptop or gets in repairs I recommend 2 things as assessories. A keyboard protector and a Chillbed. Best thing, made locally by Adam and are built to last! Would love a blue one to grab attention and show off my Chillbed!

  6. Considering these are the greatest things to happen to laptops since screen cleaning wipes. I have one that I am using now, but it is broken and honestly a peice of junk. I bought it before I even knew about this amazing local company. What a disaster this thing is…made of cheap plastic and looks like a relic. Now if I got my hands on one of these beauty Chillbeds….the possibillities of how I chill out are endless. In my truck…at the mall….on my LAZYBOY! My laptop is a valuable invesmtment, so why would I not protect my money with a Chillbed. But a blue one? WHOOOOWHEEEE!!! Now were talking really cool!

    1. Nice Mike, appreciate the ChillBed love and I understand your frustration. Yes those cheap plastic stand with low quality fans, are not meant to last. And it’s seems like a disposable stand which will just fill up the landfill. ChillBeds are enviro friendly, not that you would want to recycle it, but, it will last a lifetime. Worse case scenario, use it as a defroster. Aluminum works both ways.

  7. I really need one of these! My macbook gets super hot when I’m doing any kind of intensive graphics work. I tend to sit on the couch with my macbook in my lap – I know, bad habit! I think I’ve nearly singed my legs a few times. Having this cooling pad would sure make things more comfortable!

  8. This would be amazing. I love having my laptop on my lap when I am watching tv but hate how hot it gets sometimes…so then I put it on my coffee table and get a slouched back! This would be awesome. Thanks for the chance!

  9. At Accord Dental we take all health concerns seriously, and HLS is something that should be addressed!

    We already have a Chillbed for our resident dentist, Dr. Alex Rosenczweig, and recommend it for anyone suffering or wanting to avoid HLS!

  10. I need one of these to put my macbook on so when i’m using it to watch My Little Pony on my tv it doesn’t get so darn hot!

  11. My Macbook Pro gets really hot when I use it in bed…this will def help. Plus I like the cool blue colour! :)

  12. I want to win one of these for my boyfriend. His laptop gets really got and I don’t want anything happening to his reproductive organs. I want babies with him someday!

  13. The colour of the NEW ChillBeds looks really awesome! My family has an old laptop that needs chilling, winning this chillbed would be perfect! Cool is goooooodddd….

  14. I’d love to win a Chillbed for my laptop! It’s always overheating on my lap and I need something great to help cool it off!!

    I also liked on facebook – Stefanie Gladden
    and followed on twitter – @steffers516

  15. I would love to win this ChillBed because my legs get hot when I spend too much time on the laptop.

  16. Chillbeds rock. Keeps your laptop cool, extends the life of your machine, and they look great. You’d be silly not to add this to your must-have computing accessories.

  17. I’d like one — we leave our laptop on our dresser when it’s not used and it’s actually pealed away the IKEA laminate top on it.

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