“ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stands Work!” – more customer reviews

ChillBed customers comment on the many benefits of owning a ChillBed laptop cooling stand.

“FTR – Love my chillbed!! The fan on my MacBook Pro has yet to make a sound!! Ergonomically it rocks as well – well done ChillBeds!!”

“I had my laptop at home without the ChillBed and it was running extremely hot. Now it’s at work sitting on the ChillBed and the fan is off entirely. I need to get one for home as well as work. ”

“I’ve been using your product for a few weeks now and I like it. It is so complementary to the MacBook Pro, you don’t see it, but it does function perfectly. I find it is even easier to type with the Chillbed.”

One Response to “ “ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stands Work!” – more customer reviews ”


    September 18, 2011

    Yes I just got this one and it is really a comfy for me to used this. I don’t have be worried that my sheets seems on fire.

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