Shoulder Pain from Using your iPad? Don’t Use It on Your Lap

Asus Tablet on ChillTab Universal Tablet Stand

Here’s another article on neck and shoulder pain with regards to using your iPad or Tablet correctly.
This article recommends using a proper stand, and offers some helpful tips.
If you are having some neck discomfort or shoulder pain, trying out a ChillTab Universal Tablet Stand from ChillBed Industries might be in order.
Read this article and maybe think about a ChillTab for your iPad.


PitchPage.com covers ChillBeds Dragons’ Den pitch

Roz McNulty of PitchPage.com was kind enough to offer up her excellent services for her website www.pitchpage.com. We spent a morning filming and discussing our pitch to the Dragons’ and offer up some insight into what we would have done differently next time.
See ChillBeds chat with Roz about their iPad and MacBook cooling stands.


ChillTab Tablet Stand Customer Review

ChillTab tablet stand

We at ChillBed Industries frequently get emails from our customers who like to share or comment on laptop and tablet stands.
So every now an again a compliment comes up that we would like to share…

Hi Adam!
Returned from Montreal yesterday.
Just catching up.
My ChillTab arrived exactly as described, and its heft and quality and feel was as hoped for.
I showed it off to a few of my friends and was immediately asked for ordering information.
That said, I gladly give you my permission to use my words as well as my name in connection with the ChillTab.
It is a well designed and constructed product and, in my view of substantially better quality than other products available from offshore vendors.

Proof once again, that it pays to deal with Canadian suppliers with products made in Canada.
Thanks, again, for your excellent service.

“Super Happy” Mike Walter


Apple’s iPad tops Consumer Reports’ list despite heat issue

More news on iPad heating issues. We haven’t noticed any heat issues with our iPad 2’s, so we were surprised that the iPad 3 was running a fair amount hotter.
Read more about how the iPad is heating up!


Keep your iPad 3 cool with a ChillTab tablet stand

“Uncomfortably warm during use.” The iPad 3 is apparently running quite a bit hotter than it’s sibling, the IPad 2.
Is the ChillTab Universal Tablet Stand going to help?
Well it’s made from solid aluminum, so it won’t hurt. The superconductor aluminum is perfect for absorbing and dissipating heat from a variety of sources. It’s what the ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stand has been doing for years.
Read more about iPad 3 heat issues.