ChillTab iPad stand in the Kitchen

Cuisine Queen Alyssa Dawson is a food writer who knows her way around the kitchen. She has a wonderful web site which reviews everything to do with food.
I met with Alyssa last summer and we discussed the merits of having a good solid stand for all tablets in the kitchen. She agreed to try out our ChillTab 2 Universal Tablet Stand in her kitchen, which turned into a great blog about the ChillTab in the KItchen.
“The ChillTab is a universal stand for tablets, with or without a case, positioned vertically or horizontally. The all-black model, pictured above, is durable with a metal frame, quite sleek, and is slim so as to take up as little room as possible. The “arms” have a foam-like layer to prevent scratches, and the base of the stand has a rubber material to keep the stand steady even on slippery surfaces.”
Please take a look at Alyssa’s review of the ChillTab 2 tablet stand


Back to school Blues? ChillBeds’ Laptop Cooling Stand giveaway can help.

This September, ChillBed Industries will be giving away 2 ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stands.
School is starting, the kids are back at it, and we figured why not giveaway some of our great cooling stands to help soften the Back to School Blues.

Simply leave a comment and let us know why you need to keep you and your Laptop or MacBook cool this fall.

First draw will be September 15th and the last September 30th.
One entry per person.
Chillbed Silver


ChillTab 4 tablet stand on Global BC Tech Talk

Global TV BC Tech Talk recently reviewed a few Vancouver success stories on the Noon News Hour. The ChillTab 4 Universal Tablet Stand was featured, along side Hootsuite, the social media dashboard company.
Tristan Jutras talked with Jill Krop about ChillBed Industries ChillTab tablet stands as well as the ChillBed laptop cooling stands.
Have a look at the Made in Canada Day special featuring the ChillTab and ChillBed stands.


Buyer Beware: The Hottest Running Laptops

Summer Heat + Hot Laptop Syndrome = ChillBed laptop Cooling Stands
This article covers some of the hottest laptops on the market.

“It’s barely summer and already temperatures around the country have started to soar. While you can escape all that rising mercury with your ol’ buddy Central Air, there’s another heat that’s harder to escape: a notebook that runs too hot. At LAPTOP, we use a laser thermometer to measure every notebook we review in multiple locations after streaming video for 15 minutes. We also test gaming systems’ heat after they’ve spent some time running popular titles.”

Replace your stand, not your hard drive with a ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stand


New Retina MacBook Pro A Real Ball Burner?

Here is another post regarding Hot Laptop Syndrome. As computers get faster, they seem to get hotter!

Just like every laptop before it, the new Retina MacBook Pro before apparently gets pretty warm exactly where you would expect it to. Thermal imaging from a Japanese site has revealed that at maximum settings, parts of the Retina MacBook Pro approaches 48.2° Celsius.

Now for some sanity. The harder you push your laptop, any laptop for that matter, the warmer it’s going to get. My last MacBook Pro (2010), which I recently retired, left my legs red when I would edit video with the machine resting on my lap. I didn’t last long, and started editing video directly on my desk. Not exactly rocket science. Don’t want to burn your balls? Stop pushing your laptop so hard while it’s resting on your legs. You won’t see this kind of temperature peak with normal, every day usage.

If you would like to read the full article, please click on, if you are suffering from Hot Laptop Syndrome, we recommend a ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stand, it’s like an insurance policy for your laptop. Replace your stand, not your hard drive.