At ChillBed Industries, we recycle everything.

Dealing with the garbage associated with any manufacturing company isn’t easy.

At ChillBed Industries, we decided a long time ago that we wanted a solution to just tossing everything in the trash.  Every third Saturday of the month we head down to Britannia Community Center to recycle all the garbage associated with manufacturing our ChillBeds and ChillTab stands.

Our aluminum stands come with a PVC coating for protection in manufacturing, and all this soft plastic has to go somewhere. Sometimes we take our soft plastic to the bottle depot, where they also recycle soft plastics for free, but Britannia has an excellent program as well for this for a small fee.  There are 2 options for every household or business to get rid of unwanted soft plastic without throwing them in the regular trash.

We also create a small pile of hard plastic which is found on our stands, which is again, taken down once a month to the center for recycling.  It’s definitely not easier, keeping separate bins for each of these items, but in the long run, it’s the right thing to do.

Britannia also take every kind of styrofoam and misc metal, batteries and foil lined bags. At home we keep separate bags for each of these item and it makes us feel good to know that we are minimizing our garbage footprint!

Check your community centers for local recycling centers in your area and please do your part to keep the landfills a little less filled!




iPhone 5 parody video

“It’s 18% thinner, and 796% longer” The New iPhone 5

Here is a great (well made and funny) video for anyone who owns an iPhone or knows someone who is iPhone crazy.  If you wanted a bigger iPhone, here is the deal. Watch this video and get one.



ChillTab 4 tablet stand review, why your iPad will love one

Tris Hussey of iPhoneHacks write a mean review.

I met Tris a few years back when he was blogging for Future Shop, about the same time the original ChillTab Universal Tablet Stand was released.  This past weekend, he reviewed for our latest tablet stand, the ChillTab 4, and I must say, it’s probably one of the best reviews to date.

“Look, there is nothing fancy about Adam’s stands and that, frankly, is the beauty of them. Sure there are the usual touches of padding in the right places, non-slip feet, and covers on the edges, but really what works is that Adam designed the form to follow the function.”

Tris is now writing for iPhoneHacks, another great site, so please take a look at the full review and find out how the ChillTab 4 can be your best option for a flexible, well made and designed tablet stand.



Couple stunned by hot laptop = sperm count. ChillBed?

A couple trying to conceive received some bad news from their doctor.  Apparently the husbands laptop was so hot that he was burning his sperm.  Sounds incredible and painful at the same time.

ChillMan helping a hot laptop owner out

There is a long line of stories that will tell you to keep your laptop away from your reproductive areas, and another long line of stories about getting a proper cooling stand for your laptop.  An aluminum laptop cooling stand , like the ChillBed is a great for establishing a barrier between you and your “areas.”

As Kevin O’Leary said when we were filming Dragons’ Den, “it’s package protection baby!”

A ChillBed will  greatly increase the life span of not only your organs, but your laptop as well.

Please take a look at this article on laptop cooling and over cooked sperm. Might we suggest a ChillBed laptop stand to stay cool and safe?

If you are interested in how ChillBeds laptop cooling stands work and thermal conductivity, take a look at our temperature tests done by a real engineer!

Thanks for looking, and please feel free to leave us a comment about your experiences with HLS. (Hot Laptop Syndrome).



ChillTab 4 Universal Tablet Stand You Tube review

NHTech recently reviewed our latest tablet stand – The ChillTab 4 Universal Tablet Stand.
It’s another look at how our stands work with any tablet or iPad on the market, as well as why the ChillTab 4 would be an excellent choice for either a tablet, ereader or smartphone.