“ChillBed Laptop Cooling Stands Work!” – more customer reviews

ChillBed customers comment on the many benefits of owning a ChillBed laptop cooling stand.

“FTR – Love my chillbed!! The fan on my MacBook Pro has yet to make a sound!! Ergonomically it rocks as well – well done ChillBeds!!”

“I had my laptop at home without the ChillBed and it was running extremely hot. Now it’s at work sitting on the ChillBed and the fan is off entirely. I need to get one for home as well as work. ”

“I’ve been using your product for a few weeks now and I like it. It is so complementary to the MacBook Pro, you don’t see it, but it does function perfectly. I find it is even easier to type with the Chillbed.”


ChillBed Industries radio interview with Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto and Adam Berson of ChillBed Industries chat on his radio show about the ChillTab™ tablet stand and the ChillBed™ laptop cooling stand.


Senior with Arthritis praises ChillTab Tablet Stand

Adam: I received the ChillTab and I am impressed at how something so simple solves so many problems for me. Being a senior and having worked all my life in the legal and school board business I still like being able to use my Computer, (an Imac), my Iphone 4 and my Ipad. I like keeping mentally active, at least, so this helps me to search the web, send and receive emails, read my Ibooks and watch Netflix on my Ipad very comfortably. Holding the Ipad up with your hands, when reading, all the time caused me to have some serious pain in my neck and up into my head. To the point where I ended up in Emergency and after going through many tests and x-rays they found

I had a lot of arthritis in my neck and up into my head. Guess what, the major culprit was holding the Ipad up. I was told to find something to accommodate my Ipad like stacking pillows and then putting the Ipad on them. But that wasn’t comfortable.

The ChillTab 2 is the answer for me. I commend you on the ChillTab and perhaps you should get in touch with the Arthritis Society and let them know you have something on the market that might help people with their disabilities. This might open up a whole new market for you. Thanks again and I wish you every success in your business. Marilyn