Berryfication.com loves the ChillTab 2 for BB Playbook

Berryfication.com tested the Blackberry Playbook on the ChillTab Universal Tablet Stand.

“Fast forward about 1 week or so, and I’m un-boxing the ChillTab 2 Universal Tablet Stand. Now I may not be a Canadian, but I have grown quite fond of them considering companies like Communitech, Hootsuite, Research In Motion etc. ChillBed Industries Ltd hails from Vancouver Canada. Their ChillTab 2 Stand was designed and built right there in Vancouver, complete with a made in Canada seal (sticker) precisely placed beneath the product. This is a great product too.”

“The ChillTab 2 is a nice cool slab of aluminum. Designed to hold your PlayBook very sturdy in either landscape or portrait. I found it quite nice that the stand takes heat off the actual tablet. Between the cool aluminum and opening on below the tablet you’re always holding a lower temp while using it. Keep in mind this stand is universal and will work great with your iPad, Kindle Fire, NOOK, Android tablets etc. They left no details out. The metal sits on 4 firm rubber pads. So no matter where it’s placed I have had no issues with slips or spills.”
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